Your Story is not the only story.

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters

This. Is. Our. Answer. 

Change through education, engagement, and empathy. 

Margaret Wheatley

#BurstYourBubble is about communicating with the most important people to be communicating with right now—the other side. In a time where conversations are only held within the lines that divide us, unique perspectives and differing opinions are often spurned instead of valued. But these ideas, these stories and narratives, are too crucial for the growth of our collective society to be ignored for comfort and convenience.


How Can I do that?

On this website, you'll find two of our videos to shape your understanding of the issue and an interactive campaign for YOU to demonstrate how you #BurstYourBubble. EXPLORE the website, INTERACT with the campaign, and PLEDGE to #BurstYourBubble to the right.



If you are ready to join the movement to be a kickass changemaker and to make your own campaign video; complete the form below:

p.s. we promise not to spam you or share your info w/ anyone. 

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