1. Find someone you've never talked to before.

This can be anyone: from a stranger on the subway to a new kid in school. The idea is to expose yourself to completely new perspectives!

2. Optional: Have a conversation! (If you're  comfortable)

"What would you change about your high school? What is the greatest threat to America today? What are you hopeful about?"


We think these three questions are a great way to start getting to know someone with a different story, but you can totally customize your video to feature different questions or no questions at all.

3. Burst a bubble. record IT.

Burst a real bubble: DIY soap and water bubbles, bubble wrap, bubble gum, a bubble-popping app, anything! Record you two bursting your bubble. If you're comfortable having a conversation and including that as well, go for it.

4. Upload and activate

Upload the video to your socials. Use the hashtag #BurstYourBubble to be entered into our contest for a $500 cash prize, tag @weredefy, and get all your friends to pop their bubbles, too.

5. congrats!

You've just left your comfort zone by interacting with another lived experience. Now continue bursting bubbles in your everyday life!

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